Last night was going to be a major study night for me. I was going to finish reading a book, and start doing some major research on the Confessing Church. Then, Jen and I were presented with some free tickets to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  We went to the concert, and I am really glad we did.  Steven Curtis Chapman has been a leading CCM musician since before I was born.  I remember watching a VHS – that’s right a video tape! – of some of his music videos back when he had a mullet.

I went through a phase where I really liked Steven Curtis Chapman’s music, but I must confess, I have joined the “let’s poo-poo on CCM” party in the past couple of years.  I’ll write a more reflective blog about our experience at the concert later, but let me just say for now, Steven Curtis Chapman is an excellent musician.  I was reminded of this last night.  He is a wicked guitar player, and he writes well.  And, as an extra bonus, his sons played last night as well.  They form a band named Caleb.  His oldest son plays guitar and sings, and the other son plays drums (and when I say “he plays drums,” I mean he is the best teenage drummer I’ve ever seen – and better than many adult drummers I’ve seen as well). So, here I repent of my broad poo-pooing of CCM.  There is some really valuable music out there, and just because many CCM artists only know four chords, that doesn’t disqualify the others from being good musicians.


Southeast Christian Church is ginormous.  It reminds me of the Mall of America, except it’s a church.  It has a coffee-shop in it that could fit 2-3 Starbucks easily.  I thought about grabbing some coffee on the way out, but I got a glimpse of the super-automatic machines and my coffee snobbery took over.  Wouldn’t that be cool if a church coffee shop were running a Dalla Corte Espresso Machine? Oh, well. A boy can dream.

Until later friends…