I mentioned in my post yesterday, that Louisville is a yankee city. I stand by this.  Some people, like this guy, think that Louisville is part of the South, but they are gravely mistaken.

I am from the South, and I am proud of it.  Am I proud of the slave-owning past of my culture? No – an emphatic no.  I am, however, proud of the South and Southern culture.  I am proud of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and their fight for States’ Rights – once again, I repeat that I am not proud of the role slavery and racism played in the War of the States.

I am proud of Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Jr., Johnny Cash, Frances “The Swamp Fox” Marion, David Crockett, and a host of other Southern heroes that, despite their faults, have made America better.  The South does many things better than other areas of the country: Food (a fact admitted by one yankee), Football (SEC – all that needs to be said), Winter (Your chances of freezing to death in a snowdrift in the South are next to zero), and many other things.  Now, I agree with my friend that it is nice to have a cup of coffee from a Chemex or a shot of espresso from a Mypressi Twist V2 on a cold winter’s day, but I contend that it is more enjoyable to enjoy said cup of coffee in Southern winter temperatures that are always well above o°.

Ten Reasons Why Louisville is not a Southern City

10.  It’s named after a French guy (King Louis XVI)…Southerners generally don’t like the French, although we will partake of French Fries and French Toast.

This Guy Would Get His Butt Kicked in the South

9.  Louisville was a Union stronghold in the War of Northern Aggression, whereas much of the rest of Kentucky was loyal to the South.

8. It snowed 18 inches in two days last Winter!

7. There are far more establishments where you can purchase sushi than where you can purchase catfish.

6.  Louisville is within walking distance of Indiana.

5.  Chick-fil-a and Cracker Barrel are the exception, not the norm in Louisville.

4.  Cars outnumber pickup trucks by far too great a ratio for Louisville to be part of the South.

3.  People look at you weird if you say “sir” or “ma’am” to them.

2.  It snowed 18 inches in two days last Winter!

1.  Sweet Tea is not available at every single restaurant in town.

So, sorry Kirk, you are not yet well-informed enough about the South to make any value statements.  Until later friends…