This weekend Jen and I watched the movie, The Sentinel, with some friends.  We picked up the movie at Wal-mart for $5 a while back.  It is an interesting film about a conspiracy in the Secret Service that falsely implicates Michael Douglas – a really hardcore old Secret Service guy.  He is chased by his protege Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland (playing a federal agent, that let’s just say is a bureaucratic version of Jack Bauer) and a token actress Evan Longoria Eva Longoria (could have been left out as far as I’m concerned).  It was a good pickup for $5.  Early in the film, we discovered the key to Michael Douglas’ super-manliness: two morning cups of coffee – the first of which came from a Bodum French Press. So, I recommend brewing up some good coffee with a Bodum Coffee Press, and watching The Sentinel, who knows maybe you too can foil terrorist plots with the power of coffee.

Bodum French Press Leads to Manliness