So, here it is before 8:00am on a Thursday, and I really have nothing to post about.  I do not feel motivated to explain to you the value of refrigerator parts, or writing an essay on what is the best ice maker for your business.  So, today’s post will be comprised of random bullet-point info.  Here we go:

  • Today marks the 219th anniversary of the debut of The Magic Flute (Die Zauberf löte)
  • Mozart was pretty awesome, I recommend Barth’s book on him, as well as Kung’s.

  • I think I am getting a little better grasp of Hebrew, and I can partially thank this cartoon (nerdy, I know).
  • If you are new to this blog, and wondering about the “For Aslan and the Volunteer State” title, read this.
  • I enjoy blogging to the soundtrack of Collin Raye…just saying.
  • Every blog list deserves at least one awesome youtube video (that you should watch at home, not on your employer’s time):

That’s all for now. Maybe, I’ll feel more motivated later. Until later friends…