Last night was my night to go to night class.  I needed to get some work done between my classes though, so I remained at school instead of my usual routine of going home to eat dinner.  Jen came to meet me for dinner and we went to Founders Cafe.

Founders is a nice student cafe.  It is a lot swankier than the Lexington Inn Cafe at my alma mater (although I have many fond memories at “the Lex”).  Founders is well supplied with a GDM-72 full of cokes, a T-49 for sandwich supplies, some sort of undercounter stuff I haven’t been able to identify yet, and an Astoria Espresso Machine.  Founders has a cool atmosphere, and the food is a good value.  I enjoy getting a calzone there for $4.50.  They usually have ESPN playing on a big screen, which is a nice attraction for someone that can’t afford cable.  For all you new seminarians out there, Founders gets my recommendation for a quick meal.  Although I would prefer something from Quills, Anchorage Cafe, or Sunergos, the coffee is pretty good, and the most convenient around campus.  Plus, Founders gets bonus points for being named after these guys:

That’s all my free promotion for today. Until later friends…