As I mentioned yesterday, Jennifer and I will be headed down to Nashville this afternoon to see my friend Thomas from Germany.  Today’s post is inspired by all manner of things German.  In fact today is the birthday of Robert Bosch, the founder of the Bosch industrial company.  I am thankful for Bosch, because my father has built with Bosch materials my whole life.

I am a history buff, and I think Germany is one of the most interesting cultures in the world.  As a Protestant, I love studying the life and ministry of Martin Luther.  As a musician, I thank Germany for producing Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Schutz, and the early Schoenberg (I blame Austria for the late Schoenberg).  [Interesting side note, Austria must have the best spin doctors on the face of the planet, because they have convinced the world that Beethoven was Austrian and Hitler was German – actually, it was the opposite.]

As a sometimes fan of poetry, I thank Germany for Heine and Goethe. As a man, I must thank Germany for Volkswagen, BMW, and the Autobahn.  And, as a semi-coffee snob I thank Germany for Mahlkönig.  Mahlkonig is German for “mill-king,” or better understood “Grinder King.”  Mahlkonig grinders certainly are in the upper echelon of coffee and espresso grinders.

Mahlkonig K30Danke Germany for producing successful industrialists, the Protestant Reformation, great musicians, poets, manly automobiles, and sweet coffee grinders.  That’s all for now my friends.  Bis später!