I am a bit tired today.  This weekend seems to have flown by. Friday night we had a lot of fun at the Prima Coffee Barista Bash.  You can see some cool pictures of it here. I always enjoy the free coffee.  I really enjoy espresso, but I rarely buy any because I don’t like to spend $2+ for 2 oz. of anything. So, I especially enjoy getting free espresso (and it is even more enjoyable when I get to pull the shot myself).  After the bash we went and hung out with some friends at their apartment. Somehow the girls got to talking about girly things (i.e., hair and stuff), and Josh and I were able to steal away to his X-Box 360 and play some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  It was my first time playing that game, and I must say, I do enjoy shooting terrorists.

Saturday was marked by errands and homework. I read a whole heap of material for my classes, and then Jen and I finished off the day by watching The Count of Monte Cristo.

Yesterday was my last Sunday morning teaching a 12-week study on Church History for the youth at North Oldham Baptist Church.  Then, in the afternoon I did more homework, while watching Joe Flacco bring down my Fantasy Football score, but I have faith he’ll redeem himself next week. Then, last night we had a youth event at church, which went well.  We got home around 9:30 or so, and then I got back to homework.

This morning I got to work around 7:00am. I am tired, and I wanted to make coffee this morning in my Bodum French Press, but I was running a little late and did not have time to clean it.  So, I am really looking forward to one of my co-workers coming in with his brand new Mypressi Twist V2.

Mypressi TWIST

The thought of some fresh espresso from a quality portable espresso machine sounds great right now. Well, until he gets here, I will do my best to soldier on. Until later friends.