I’m a Cubs fan, Vikings fan, and I participate in Fantasy Baseball and Football.


I have previously blogged about how horrible the Cubs are playing this season.  It seems that the final nail in the coffin for the Cubs was nailed in yesterday – to Tyler Colvin‘s Chest.  Tyler Colvin sustained a puncture wound to the chest from a broken baseball bat in yesterday’s game in Miami.

Colvin Bat AccidentI wish Tyler Colvin well.  I hope he recovers fully, and I am very thankful that the medical staff realized the severity of his injury. I am glad to see Colvin and Castro‘s progress this season, and I am excited about next season (which better see Ryne Sandberg as the Cubs’ manager!)


I cheer for the Vikings and the Titans.  I am a little bit less enthusiastic about the Titans this season, because I expect them to play pretty awful, and I thing Chris Johnson is a thug. I came into this season very excited about the prospects of the Vikings’ season, but they have royally disappointed so far (who loses to the Dolphins?!). Brett Favre finally looks like age is catching up to him, and the WRs have hurt more hips than my grandma. I do predict that they will turn it on against the Lions this week.  I expect Adrian Peterson to run for at least 2 touchdowns, and Jared Allen to eat the Lions’ quarterback raw.

Fantasy Baseball

Today begins the final round of my Fantasy Baseball Season.  Kirk’s Minneapolis Master Chief’s put up a good run in the semi-finals, but my Volunteer State Cubs pulled out the victory.  Over the next two weeks, my boys will be battling Dub Crowther‘s South Carolina Swamp Foxes for the championship – and bragging rights.  I expect the top three game-changers for each team will be:

Volunteer State Cubs – 1) Albert Pujols 2) Miguel Cabrera 3) Cliff Lee

SC Swamp Foxes – 1) Troy Tulowitzki 2) Tim Lincecum 3) CC Sabathia

It will be a close contest, most likely decided by starting pitching.

Fantasy Football

All I have to say about my Fantasy Football, is that I expected much more from Joe Flacco, and I really hope that Percy Harvin is at full-strength soon.  Here is my starting roster right now:

QB – Joe Flacco

RBs – Adrian Peterson, Brandon Jackson

WRs – Jabar Gaffney, Percy Harvin, Calvin Johnson, Santana Moss

TE – Antonio Gates

D/ST – Vikings

K – Jay Feely

Well, that’s all my foray into being a sports’ nerd for today. Until next time.