I love Fridays.  I love Fridays for many reasons, including:

1. Friday means doughnuts in the office from Nords Bakery.

2. Friday means I wear jeans and a t-shirt. Today I honor the Chicago Cubs with my t-shirt, which chronicles the different Cub jerseys through the years…Next year will be the year.3.  Friday means everyone in the office acts a little bit more like The Office.

4.  Friday night means I will hang out with Jennifer (and sometimes, other friends as well) instead of doing homework. This is my favorite part about Fridays, because we all need rest and I love hanging out with my wife – and on occasion, other people too.

Those are some reasons for my affection for Fridays in general.  I am especially excited about the Friday that is today.  It has been a crazy week between my Hebrew and German classes, and I am excited about relaxing. Also, I am very excited about tonight.  We are going to the Prima Coffee Barista Bash tonight at Java Northfield.

Prima Coffee Bash 003

If you are in Louisville, I encourage you to come.  These Barista Bashes are always fun as you can see in the blogs from Bash 001 and Bash 002.  Whether you are a full-fledged coffee snob, or just someone that likes coffee, these bashes are a lot of fun.  I promise you won’t feel out of place just because you’re not wearing holey-jeans and hipster glasses.  You will get to see some really cool Latte Art, and if you have never seen Latte Art before, I really encourage you to come tonight, because you can learn about it in an informal setting.  The coolest thing about it is the FREE COFFEE. So, if you have any inkling to get coffee tonight in Louisville, come to Java Northfield and get a bunch of free coffee.  You will also be able to learn about -and partake of the goodness of – three brewing processes: Siphon Brewing, Pourover Brewing, and French Press Brewing. Plus, the Latte Art competition is really fun to watch. So, have a happy Friday, and join us at the Bash tonight. Until next time, peace out.