When I first moved to Louisville, I knew there were many coffee snobs. Friends that had lived in Louisville for awhile had made their return to the Volunteer State bearing foreign trinkets such as a French Press. When I moved to Louisville, I said to myself, “Self, you shall not be a coffee snob.” Then, lo and behold, I began working with a guy that buys his own green coffee beans from Sweet Maria’s -which, I didn’t know coffee beans were ever green! – and roasts them. Soon, I was drinking the best coffee I ever had on a daily basis with names like: Finca, Sidamo, and Sumatra.  This forever ruined me to the taste of convenience store coffee, sorry Thornton’s.  My journey into coffee snobbery was reluctant at first, but it was sped along as I was introduced, on top of the Bodum Chambord French Press, to the Hario V60, Yama Vacpot, and Chemex Coffeemaker.

All these wonderful brewing methods have pretty much ruined my ability to drink coffee at convenience stores or Cracker Barrel.  I must say though, that the most defining moment of my journey into coffee snobbery, my crossing of the coffee-Rubicon, was when I learned one of the top ten rules of coffee people: Espresso is pronounced eSpresso not eXpresso. For a short while, this became one of my mantras.  I was bent on releasing people from their ignorance.  I had been awakened to the joys of espresso, and I knew that to use it purely for its caffeine content was to abuse it. Thankfully, I have calmed down about that a bit, but I do enjoy a good coffee conversation.

I was reminded of my journey into coffee snobbery this morning, because I have been thinking about the Dalla Corte Espresso Machine we have at work.  It is a a Dalla Corte Evolution as pictured here: Dalla CorteIt is a really solid machine, and I can thank it for growing my love for espresso.  We used to have it hooked up in the back of our building, but after there was an incident involving gravity (about which we do not speak) it has been moved to our break room.  Sadly, our break room does not have a 220v outlet for it yet, but word on the street is, it will be in action soon. I hope this is true, because I am greatly looking forward to using this beauty again.  Until then I will enjoy our daily Chemex Coffee, although I wish it were brewed like this:

Chemex Guide from Trubaca on Vimeo.

Props to Verve Roasters on the sweet video featuring the Chemex CM-8A, Hario Skerton & Buono, and the Notorious B.I.G (please note, I do not condone the debaucherous ways of B.I.G., but I do find this video to be very informative and clever – too bad there is not a Brewing Demo with Stryper.) Thanks once again for reading, until next time.