Alright my young padawans, it is now time for another lesson in restaurant equipment.  In a previous blog, I discussed the fact that I notice many things about restaurant equipment that previously meant absolutely nothing to me.  This post will also cover one of these previously unknown – but frequently occurring – realities.  Grocery stores and convenience stores often have glass-door refrigerators, like this:GDM-72Have you ever gone to get a coke, or gallon of milk, and noticed that the glass door was foggy?  Have you ever wondered why it is foggy? If you haven’t noticed, now you will.  The main reason that glass doors on refrigerators get foggy is because they have a bad gasket. So, in the case of he True GDM-72 pictured above, one can easily fix the fog issue by replacing the Door Gasket (810802 True Part for GDM-72 Refrigerator).

That’s it. Simple and straightforward.  You will now notice all foggy glass-door merchandisers, and if the shop owner asks you how to fix it, you can give him (or her) an informed answer. Go out and be helpful – and do not trust old men named Palpatine.

Door Gaskets – 810802 True Part for GDM-72/T-72 Refrigerators, Coolers, Freezers