Over the past couple years I have learned many things about refrigeration.  Up until two years ago, the biggest question I had regarding refrigeration was, “Does the light in the refrigerator stay on when the door is shut?” Of course I thought it didn’t, but you can’t really be sure unless you get in the refrigerator and shut the door, which was always a big no-no in my home (for good reason I guess).  Since I have worked in restaurant equipment, I am reminded of Morpheus in the Matrix offering the red pill and the blue pill.  If you don’t remember the plot, you can remind yourself here.  I feel like I took the red pill of refrigeration, and now I am confronted with more information about refrigerators than I ever wanted.  I now have enough knowledge about capillary tubes, compressors, and evaporator coils to be dangerous.  Some days it makes me wish that I had taken the blue pill. However, I think that all people should be lifelong learners. So, whether or not I will ever be able to fix a refrigerator myself, I am glad to know a thing or two about them.  I’m glad I know about the temperature control, which I consider to be the flux capacitor of refrigeration.True Temp Control 800382All this to say, it is good to learn all you can – even if it is about seemingly meaningless refrigerator parts. Just remember, every great time machine in sci-fi was created from spare parts.