One of the many joys of working in the restaurant equipment world is learning more than I ever wanted to about products that I never noticed.  Up until two years ago, I never paid attention to any equipment in a restaurant unless it was really eye-catching or broken.  Now, the first thing I do anytime I enter a restaurant is size up its equipment.  Jennifer has grown to expect this, and she just sort of looks at me with one of those knowing looks that only a wife can create when I tell her that Qdoba has a T-23 cooler.  Brian Webb says in one of his songs, “we all get proud when we’ve been some place before.”  I think my attention to restaurant equipment is similar to that.  Since I have spent a lot of time learning product lines and model numbers, I guess it makes me feel good to be able to tell someone else what that seemingly meaningless piece of equipment that you can barely see past the counter is.

So, here is my daily random piece of restaurant equipment for you: the True 871791 replacement shelf.  True Shelf 871791

You may say, “dude, why would I care about a shelf?”  A couple of reasons: 1) It is always best to get replacement parts from the manufacturer (as anyone that has ever tried fixing something on their own, only to disqualify the manufacturer’s warranty can testify)  2) I also have good memories with this shelf.  You say, “good memories with a wire shelf?” Yes, I do. A friend of mine named Daniel was once assaulted by an ex-con with one of these shelves – I kid you not. It was not funny at the time, but it is now one of Daniel’s best stories. So, I recommend this shelving for anyone with a True: T-49, GDM-49, or TS-49 freezer in their shop.  Not only is it the best fit for those models, it also sails through the air quite well, and can be used as a means of self-defense if someone tries to rob you – like a giant shelf-shaped ninja star (just imagine what Gambit could do with it).