This post will cover two things: The name of this Blog, and a general post of what is going on my life.

For Aslan…and the Volunteer State?

This name is full of meaning.

First, if you have ever seen Disney’s Prince Caspian movie you probably remember this inspiring scene.

Second, I am from Tennessee – the Volunteer State – and I believe it is the best state in the country. I am proud of being a Southerner, and being exiled in Kentucky has only grown my love for Tennessee.

Third, on a serious note, Aslan is a literary character that is representative of Christ, and Tennessee is an earthly government/state. So, this title also stands for my priorities of citizenship: first and foremost I am a citizen of the Kingdom of Christ, after that (and because of that) I am a responsible citizen of my country (and Tennessee represents the best of what the USA has to offer).

What’s Going on in my Life?

Right now, my life is marked by work and school.  Most of my non-work time is focusing on Hebrew. Hebrew is difficult, and it takes many hours of study.  My late hours of study have been running on coffee — specifically Ehiopian Coffee that I bought from Quills.  I really enjoy this coffee, I prefer Ethiopian origin coffee to almost any other kind of bean. I have been using my Bodum French Press a lot this week.  Bodum Chambord

Some people do not like the French Press because they think they get too “dirty” of a cup (i.e., too much coffee sediment), but  I find that this can mostly be eliminated by adjusting the grind on my Hario Skerton. My friend Josh actually just wrote an informative blog on French Press brewing at alldaycoffee. Well that’s it for now.

I guess the highlight of this post  is: full-time job + full-time classes + studying Hebrew = mucho coffee.