I have long withstood the temptation to blog.   I fear that blogging and twittering (tweeting? whatever you call it) can very easily become a means of narcissism.  I do not desire to tell the world all about every little event in my life, and I do not want to ever be so prideful to think that every opinion I have is a thought worth publishing.  I have grown in my thought enough in the past decade to be thankful that I did not take up blogging as a teenager and publish many worthless ideas for the world to see.

So, why blog then?

Since I graduated college and moved away from the Volunteer State (i.e., God’s Country/Tennessee), I have realized the ease with which I lose contact with those that I know and care about.  Life is busy, and I cannot always sit down to write letters, or emails, to people; I can, however, by means of a blog share things that are going on in my life and maintain some semblance of a shared life and community with relative ease. So, this blog will be an odd assortment of random thoughts and goings-on.  Some blogs will focus on my love of (and often frustration with) the Cubs or Vikings.

Others will share insights I am learning in my restaurant equipment experiences. Who knows, sometimes I might pontificate upon deep and meaningful existential and ontological questions, but I will be careful no to do that much, because that is likely to devolve into the aforementioned narcissism (which might be evident in the fact that I just used such a pompous phrase as “devolve into the aforementioned narcissism.”)  Regardless, I will do my best to make this blog entertaining and informing, kinda like John Tesh.